Benefits to Utilizing RTK

  • Reduced overlap:  A producer running RTK can operate at 1-in. pass-to-pass accuracy. The less overlap there is, less inputs are used, which helps drive down overall costs. It also reduces passes in the field for each task every season.
  • No satellite drift: Inherent to any satellite-based guidance system, drift occurs. Whether it is starting up a tractor  in the morning or servicing it during the day, A-B lines can drift during those time periods. With RTK, satellite drift is completely taken out, because the stationary, local base station is now providing the corrections.   
  • Additional functionality:  RTK also enables some of the latest John Deere products. New products like iGuide™ and iSteer™ require RTK corrections to provide the precise accuracy producers need. 

*Dekalb Implement has access to additional towers southeast of Dekalb, IL and Shabbona, IL. If the Network ID and Frequency of these towers are required please contact an Integrated Solutions Specialist today. 
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