$84,900.00 USD

Location: 854 Simpson Rd Rockford, IL 61102 (815) 489-0700
Hours: 2537
Separator Hours: 1794
Model Year: 2005
Stock Number: 36765
Serial Number: H09560S71062

9560 STS, Contour Master Tilt Feederhouse with Extra Heavy Duty Posi-Torq Variable Speed Drive & Heavy Duty Reverser and Integral Oil Cooler, Premium Header Control Package, GreenStar Harvest Monitor (Yield-Monitoring) System, TouchSet (Automatic Combine Adjustment), General Purpose Chaffer and Sieve, General Purpose/Regular Duty Clean Grain Elevator Grain Tank Vertical Unloading Auger and Cross Augers, 21.5' Unloading Auger, Wide Spread Fine Cut 2-Speed Chopper with Integrated Chaff Spreader, 30.5L-32 In. R1, Adjustable Rear Axle with Regular Duty Spindles, 14.9-24 In. R1, Windshield Washer, Training Seat with Field Office, Engine Coolant Heater, Deere-Delco AM/FM Stereo Radio, Clean Grain Auger and Fan Bottom Protection Shielding, Service Lights with 185 Amp Alternator


Combine Type: Corn/Bean
Axle: 2WD
Duals/Singles: Singles
Chopper/Spreader: Chopper
Options: Yield Monitor
Options: Lateral Tilt Feederhouse
Options: Fore/Aft
Kings, IL
12223 East Route 64
Rochelle, IL 61068
Rockford, IL
854 Simpson Rd
Rockford, IL 61102
(815) 489-0700
Sycamore, IL
8680 State Route 64
Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 899-3580