$48,900.00 USD

Location: 854 Simpson Rd Rockford, IL 61102 (815) 489-0700
Model Year: 2006
Stock Number: 36522
Serial Number: A01770C715134

1770NT Planter-24R30, Fold-Over Markers with 16 In. Notched Disks, Depth Gauging Bands and Control Independent of Planter Lift, SeedStar Variable Drive with Two Hydraulic Motors with Half-Width Disconnect, Two Point Hitch, Hi-Flotation Tires-Four 11.00 x 22.5 In. Load Range F, Pro-Shaft Drive with MaxEmerge XP Row Units, 3.0 Bushel Vacuum Seed Hoppers, Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Gauge Wheels, Rubber Tire Closing System, SeedStar Monitor System Less Harness, Less GreenStar Display, Less Radar, Two Vacuum Level Sensors-When Using SeedStar Monitor, Fertilizer Pressure Sensor When Using SeedStar Monitor and Piston Pump Fertilizer System, Regular Seed Tube with AccuCount Sensor, Less Granular Chemical, Pneumatic Down Force System, Less Scrapers, Martin Floating Row Cleaners, Martin Single Disc Fertilizer Opener, Regular Parallel Arms, 600 Gal. Fertilizer Tank and Mounting Brackets, Piston Pump, Flow Divider with Hoses, Less Openers, Tractor Attaching Components for 9000 Series 4 Wheel Drive Tractors, Small Corn and Standard Corn Seed Metering Disk Combination, Tru Count Air Clutches with GreenStar Rate Control


Rows: 24
Row Spacing: 30 in
Frame: Flex Fold
Metering System: Vacuum
Hopper: 3.0 Bushel
Kings, IL
12223 East Route 64
Rochelle, IL 61068
Rockford, IL
854 Simpson Rd
Rockford, IL 61102
(815) 489-0700
Sycamore, IL
8680 State Route 64
Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 899-3580