$99,900.00 USD

Location: 854 Simpson Rd Rockford, IL 61102 (815) 489-0700
Hours: 1901
Separator Hours: 1342
Model Year: 2009
Serial Number: H09570S730687

Premier Cab, Contour-Master Feederhouse with Reverser and Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Drive System, 2.75 In. (70 mm) Feederhouse Lift Cylinders, Premium Header Control Package, Extended Wear Round Bar Multi-Crop Concave and Extended Wear Separator Package, Deep Tooth Adjustable Chaffer and Bottom Sieve, Extended Wear Grain Handling System, General Purpose Grain Handling System with Standard Unloading Rate and 21.5 Ft. (6.6M) Unloading Auger, Wing Blade Wide-Spread, Fine Cut, 2-Speed Chopper with Integrated Chaff Spreader & Single- Point Adjustable Knife Bank, 30.5LR-32 In. Three Star R1 Radial, Adjustable Rear Axle with Heavy-Duty Spindles, 18.4R-26 In. Two Star Cleat R1, 110 Volt Engine Coolant Heater, Clean Grain Auger and Fan Bottom Protection Shielding, SideHill Performance Package, Additional "Full" Grain Tank Sensor, 4 In. (100 mm) Wheel Hub Spacer (no Ladder Extension), Firestone Brand Preferred, Has Auto Steer Valve


Combine Type: Corn/Bean
Axle: 2WD
Duals/Singles: Singles
Chopper/Spreader: Chopper
Options: Contour Master (Lateral Tilt Feederhouse)
Options: Sidehill
Options: Fore/Aft
Kings, IL
12223 East Route 64
Rochelle, IL 61068
Rockford, IL
854 Simpson Rd
Rockford, IL 61102
Sycamore, IL
8680 State Route 64
Sycamore, IL 60178